Three Important Tips for Planning a Charity Golf Tournament

Planning a charity golf tournamentPlanning a charity golf tournament is one of the most common, and most effective means of securing funding for your charity organization.  If executed correctly, a charity golf tournament will not only be fun for all those involved, it will also create a lasting memory that will keep supporters coming back year after year.

With that said, here are a few simple tips you can use  to make sure your charity golf tournament is a major success:

  1. Have someone who is well spoken and knowledgeable about the organization explain the charity’s mission to those playing as guests. Make sure they describe the real reason why everyone is there that day (hint: it’s not just to play golf). Making this personal connection with the attendees will give the organization a better chance in obtaining more fundraising dollars during the day, and most importantly, more lasting and sustainable support for your cause.
  2. Use tee box signage to display short, important facts about your charity or organization.  This will keep attendees reflecting on your cause throughout the day.
  3. Sponsors are the key to any successful charity golf tournament.  For this reason it’s important to work towards creating relationships that promote a mutual benefit for both you and your sponsor.  Something as simple as publicly thanking your sponsors with well placed links on your website or social networks can be majorly beneficial for sponsors (and will help keep them coming back year after year).

These three tips are a surefire way to give your charity golf tournament that extra boost it needs, and if your looking for more inspiring ideas be sure to download our Planning a Golf Tournament eBook by clicking here.  Our information packed eBook contains everything you need to make your charity golf tournament a huge success!

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