Choosing a Date for Your Corporate Golf Outing

When choosing a date for your corporate golf outing it’s important to make sure you play it on the safe side by beginning  your planning at least 6 months in advance (if possible).  Golf courses book up quickly (especially those that are not year-round) and if you wait too long you’ll end up without many dates to choose from.

Insider Tip #1

  • It’s a good rule of thumb to book your golf course venue at least 5 months out from the date you select and start notifying prospective golfers, vendors, and attendees within 60 days of the event. In the time leading up to the 60 day mark, you’ll be able to finalize everything on your checklist so that during those last few months you can focus all your energy on rehearsing exactly how the day will go.

When selecting a date for your corporate event it’s also often a good idea to send out preliminary date options to potential attendees (e.g. office or organization staff members) so that you can choose a date when the highest number of people are available to attend.  Also be sure to account for the schedules of VIPs such as organization heads and anyone else who might need to be there to speak at, or participate in the outing.  

Choosing a Date for Your Corporate Golf Outing

Insider Tip #2

  • Don’t forget to ask the venue what their policy is on a rain date.  Some courses will force you to play rain or shine and others may offer a second date to include on your invitation to give you a better chance of having a dry outing.

Depending on where you’re located it’s also important to consider the weather and the time of the year.  Most regions have “peak” seasons for golf (e.g. summer in the Northeast).  During peak season golf courses tend to fill up quickly (and be more expensive).  Keep these peak times in mind when setting your tournament date.  If your ideal date falls right in the middle of the peak season you’d better make sure to secure the golf course many months in advance.  Don’t wait until a few weeks before your outing and think your date is going to be available!

It’s not unheard of to even book your event even a full year in advance.  In fact, if all goes well with your corporate golf outing and the date worked out for everyone involved, you may just want to go ahead and book the same date (or approximate date) the following year to keep up the consistency of the outing.

Another thing to take into consideration is daylight.  In certain regions daylight hours can vary tremendously from early in the season to late in the season.  If you’re located in one of these areas make sure you have enough daylight to complete your event in time.

Keep these helpful tips for choosing a date for your next corporate golf outing in mind and you’re sure to have a successful and enjoyable day for everyone involved!

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