About the eBook

Planning A Golf Tournament was written and published by Golficity, LLC.

Golficity was founded by a couple of avid golfers who share a passion for learning, and teaching all aspects of the game.

The Planning A Golf Tournament eBook is a collaborative effort compiling years of knowledge planning, administering, executing, and participating in countless golf tournaments all over the country.

We pride ourselves on the belief that the Planning A Golf Tournament eBook is the most concise, complete, and most importantly, helpful resource on the topic anywhere!

Our team of golf writers wrote the Planning a Golf Tournament eBook for the purpose of helping others navigate the confusion around golf tournament planning to quickly and easily plan a highly successful golf tournament, outing, or event for your company, charity, club, or any other association or society.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the eBook and we’re excited at the opportunity of helping you create a memorable golf tournament or event.

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